Targa 58 GTB

Lanseres 8. September 2020
An exciting, brand new motor yacht is, of course, something worth sharing with the world. Especially when it is the Targa 58 GTB. With its stunning, extended ‘Beach club’ platform – the first British-born sub-80ft model to feature one – you can relax and enjoy a closer connection to the water, wherever you go.

Total lengde (ink. pulpit)18.28 m
Bredde4.97 m
Dybde0.78 m
Vekt27.051 kg
Drivstofftank2.200 l
Vanntank600 l
Soveplasser6 – 7
CE KlassifiseringB

Meticulously crafted, the interior is a truly stunning place to be. Contemporary herringbone flooring adds a subtle yet elegant touch, while large expanses of glass provide plenty of natural light to enhance the interior ambience. Whether you are enjoying the comfort of the saloon or the luxury of the master cabin, you will always find yourself surrounded by sheer, unflinching beauty.

But it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts; the outside of the Targa 58 GTB is where you can really live life to the full. Here, you can experience real wow factor. The bathing platform extends, and the folding wings lower on either side to create a spacious, teak covered floating deck. Many an hour can now be spent relaxing in the secluded bay you have discovered, or showing off your culinary skills on the pull-out BBQ. You could say, it’s the perfect platform for an extended stay.

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