Targa 53 GT

By nature of design, the Targa 53 GT encourages you to get together, pack up, cast off and head out. You’ll all enjoy sun-kissed afternoons on and around the sunbeds or relaxing in the inviting and spacious cockpit. Then perhaps spend the evening socialising in the luxuriously crafted saloon. Whatever you all decide to do, the Targa 53 GT provides striking detail at every turn.

Total lengde (inkl. pulpit)16.92 m
Total lengde (eks. pulpit)16.32 m
Vekt19.500 kg
Stolpe4.52 m
Antall køyer6 – 9
Dybde1.20 m
Høyde over vannlinje4.6 m
Drivstoff tank2.412 l
Vann tank550 l
CE KlassifiseringB

Intuitively designed, with uninterrupted views, the Targa 53 GT is airy, inviting and ideal for entertaining. Share brunch with friends on the open-plan main deck, shower down after a swim in the shallows or mix a cocktail at the wet bar. Created for the adventurous, enjoyed by the many, the Targa 53 GT is a show-stopper wherever you go.

A Targa 53 GT offers many places to watch the sun rising. From the comfort of your own bed is just one of them. Then throw back the covers and walk through the beautifully designed lower deck and then up and out into the world around you. You’ll find everything is well-proportioned for maximum appeal. For maximum enjoyment.

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