The T9 is the first model in our new Tender series, Nimbus new interpretation of the popular Nova, first introduced in 1991. Since then, approximately 2,300 boats have been produced in the Nimbus Nova series, among them the highly successful 26 Nova and the prize-winning R-series that included the 230R, 250R and 300R.

Lengde9.35 m
Bredde2.95 m
Drivstoff tank320 l
Vann tank80 l
Vekt (ink. motor)3810 kg
Soveplasser2 + 2
Toppfart40 knop
Motor250 – 350 hk

"The renewal of a series that has proved so successful, and that is so strongly associated with Nimbus’ DNA and brand, is no easy task. This heritage has truly permeated every area and phase, from concept design, construction, functionality and appearance down to the finest details. Everyone involved has worked with the aim of making the T9 the best product conceivable and thus a worthy successor to the Nova,” says Joacim Gustavsson, Chief Designer at Nimbus Boats Sweden.

The Tender 9 is a nine-metre day boat that offers great opportunities for individual adaption and is intended for all types of day-to-day activities, such as transportation, water sports and leisure activities.

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