Squadron 68

As beautiful as it is – with its exquisitely designed good looks – the SQUADRON 68 is an intrepid adventurer at heart.

From the outside, Alberto Mancini’s vision of strong, bold lines almost seem to push the entire craft forward… as if it’s constantly eager to head out to discover new shores, untouched coves and exotic hideaways.

Total lengde (ink. pulpit)21.12 m
Bredde5.23 m
Dybde1.57 m
Vekt40.000 kg
Drivstofftank4.680 l
Vanntank1.080 l
Soveplasser6 – 10
CE KlassifiseringB

Gleaming lacquered wood panels slip elegantly into the background as you walk through the main deck, all on a single continuous plain, without a single step in sight.

The flybridge above extends out unapologetically with more than enough room for lounging in three distinct areas. Below deck, every possible convenience and comfort has been thought of, including an extended forward VIP Cabin that is perfect for your guests onboard.

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