In all our years of boat building, there has never been anything quite like the F//LINE 33. We set a course to design and craft something completely different, and this is the result. A day boat that will deliver an exhilarating experience, wherever you take it. A sleek and stylish icon eager for you to experience its relentless power.

Total lengde9.99 m
Bredde3.5 m
Dybde0.87 m
Vekt6.710 kg
Drivstofftank680 l
Vanntank220 l
Soveplasser2 – 4
CE KlassifiseringC

When you have the stunning Alberto Mancini design language throughout, you know the sheer attractiveness in every line and curve will, of course, turn heads.
But this beauty demands to be matched by a beast. Which is where the twin V8 engines come into play. Selected for their outstanding performance, the thrill of any journey is at your fingertips. And whether you’re racing rapidly along the coast or taking a leisurely cruise to your preferred lunch spot, you’ll do it in achingly beautiful style.

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