25 Cabin

Designed utility boat with exceptional performance Paragon 25 combines design with sporty performance and safe marine features. When the conditions at sea change rapidly, a boat is required that certainly knows all these tests. The new Paragon 25 offers unbeatable comfort in the lake in its class thanks to its deep V-bottom. The deck of Paragon 25 is a flush deck. If a wave breaks over the tires during the course of time, its water mass does not noticeably affec the steering ability or stability of the boat, because the water mass is simply flushed straight out and flows unobstructed back into the sea.

Lengde8.52 m
Vekt3.494 kg
Drivstofftank320 l
Vanntank42 l
Septiktank40 l
CE KLassifiseringB
Kapasitet6 pers

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